Wedding Style Guide

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For pre-wedding events, it’s always a good idea to reach out to the host to check on the formality and dress code. That being said, you don’t need to reach for a suit and tie for every event. Here are our picks for pre-wedding celebrations.


This event is a great place to celebrate and show off your style, so take this opportunity to have some fun with your look. Pairing a polo with a blazer and crisp sneakers looks fashionable, respectable, and keeps you comfortable so you can enjoy the night.

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Traditionally, the dress code for this event is semi-formal or cocktail, so you can’t go wrong with a suit and tie (If you’re going this route, opt for a different color than you’ll wear the next day). However, If you’re looking to mix it up, try a banded collar or a crisp polo under your suit. The styling is on-trend but still looks polished.


Traditionally this has been a “lady’s only event,” though it’s not uncommon for the fiancé to make an appearance towards the end. Couples' showers are also becoming more commonplace. These events tend to be a little more casual, but not too casual. If you’re attending, opt for a smart, sophisticated look with a relaxed twist.


Keep things looking smart when going out for the night with the gang. Adding a blazer over a casual shirt and dark jeans will do the trick. If you have a more tropical destination trip planned, feel free to keep it easy and dress the part in a bold print.


Pick a style that fits your venue, the vibe of your wedding, and compliments your partner. It’s a lot, but we’ll help you break it down.


The more formal the wedding, the more formal your attire should be. A tailored tuxedo is the way to go here. While black is timeless and reads the most formal, a darker shade of blue, red, or a white coat may also be appropriate.

You’ll want a style that takes you from ceremony to reception with ease, so look for a bit of added stretch (it’ll go a long way on the big day).


Go for a classic well-tailored suit, but feel free to add a touch of finesse. Lighter colors work well for daytime weddings, and darker for evening events. Dress shoes are a must here, but pick something that you’ll feel comfortable in, you have a lot of celebrating to do at the reception. Add a tie (or bow tie) that goes with the colors or theme of the wedding. Don’t feel obligated to match your groomsmen exactly. A different color or a patterned tie will set you apart.


For a less formal event, have fun with your attire. Embrace patterns, textures, and lighter or non-traditional colors. You still want to look your best, but who says you can’t do that in a pair of crisp sneakers? Tie or no tie, that’s your call. Since you’re going for a non-traditional approach you and your partner get to make the rules.


A linen suit will have you looking and feeling just right here. Check out picks from our brother brand, Cubavera.