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Who We Are

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Perry Ellis the designer fashion brand was born from Perry Ellis the man. A man who was forward-thinking and FRESH. Not mired in tradition. Who believed fashion was FUN, and should never be taken too seriously. Patterns, pops of color, new shapes and never-before-seen styles — he embraced it all, rewriting the rules and redefining American sportswear.

I don't make fashion - I make clothes. The clothes cross all the points of my personal lifestyle. They're to wear in the city or the country, to work, or to go out. - Perry Ellis quote
Perry Ellis in his studio in 1986

Perry’s focus was on innovation; breaking down the walls of fashion and making clothes designed with REAL LIFE in mind. Not just ‘fashion, for fashion’s sake,’ but clothes that simplify style choices. His ethos earned him accolades — including the Coty Award for his first show in 1979, which he would go on to win 8 more times, and the CFDA Designer of the Year Award in 1982. And in 1984, he became the head of the CFDA—a major influence on designers then, and now, his legacy lives on through the Perry Ellis brand.

The Perry Ellis ethos hasn’t changed. Since that first unapologetic American collection in 1976, Perry Ellis clothes continue to enhance our guy’s life across work, play and family - giving him the CONFIDENCE to go anywhere and do anything. Today Perry Ellis is a global lifestyle brand that continues to design clothes, fragrance, watches, footwear and more, with real life in mind. Building on our heritage, we’re simultaneously INNOVATING and challenging ourselves to have a FRESH and RELEVANT outlook on life, so that we can create a VERSATILE and adaptable wardrobe.

This passion and OPTIMISM for living life to the full is instilled in the culture, written into our history and sewn into every product. But it’s not a solo mission, we want to build a world that is INCLUSIVE. Where everyone can seize every opportunity and live without limits.

Because life isn't static - and neither is style.

Our Heritage

  1. Portrait of Perry Ellis Perry Ellis is born in Portsmouth, VA.
  2. Perry graduates from Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth, VA and is voted “best dressed” in his class.
  3. Portfolio Collection Perry Ellis launches his first collection, known as Portfolio.
  4. Perry’s Spring Collection is heralding Perry as “designer of the future.”
  5. Fall Collection The famous Fall Collection for Perry Ellis debuts with designs inspired by an American “hometown” football game. At the show’s nale, Princeton cheerleaders came out spelling the word P-E-R-R-Y.
  6. Perry launches his first Menswear and Japanese Collections.
  7. Chariots of Fire Collection Perry made a statement with his spring “Chariots of Fire” collection and his designs were deemed the quintessential Perry Ellis look.
  8. Fragrance Collection Perry Ellis fragrance collection launched.
  9. Perry Ellis America Perry Ellis launches Perry Ellis America, in collaboration with Levi Strauss for a jeans and activewear collection.
  10. New America line Perry Ellis launches the new America line at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.
  11. Perry Ellis Portrait Perry Ellis sadly passes away at the age of 46.
  12. Marc Jacobs Womenswear Collection Marc Jacobs is named Perry Ellis Womenswear Creative Director; he introduces his infamous “Grunge Collection” for Perry Ellis.
  13. Perry Ellis America relaunched Perry Ellis America men’s is relaunched.
  14. bronze plaque Perry Ellis is honored with a bronze plaque on Fashion Avenue’s Walk of Fame in New York City.
  15. Paul Rudd Actor Paul Rudd is named model and spokesman for Perry Ellis.
  16. Runway Perry Ellis returns to the runway to critical acclaim.
  17. Amazon Alexa skill Perry Ellis becomes first fashion brand to launch an Amazon Alexa skill featuring “Ask Perry Ellis what to wear to an upcoming event.”
  18. Life Ready since 1976 New Brand Platform is launched with the tagline “Life Ready since 1976,” highlighting the Perry Ellis history and rede ning their consumer.