How do people dress in Moscow? What's the style beat in Brixton? Where does Austin get its clothing inspiration?

If you've ever wondered what people are wearing on the street of the world's most famous cities, then you have to check out The New York Times' Intersection video channel. Each video is a series of quick, informal monologues by regular people passing through iconic intersections, wearing interesting clothing. They talk about the origins of their outfits and the dress influences that define their neighborhoods, from New Orleans' French Quarter to Boston's Back Bay. It is, if nothing else, an inspired look at street style and a rally to wear your heart - and city - on your sleeve.

Bouncing Brixton
You may recognize the name of the London borough from The Clash's punk classic, "Guns of Brixton," but turn to Intersection's latest installment, and you'll see a decidedly cheerier, vibrant neighborhood. The area is a melting pot of African, Caribbean and hip London cultures, resulting in a dizzying array of colors and patterns.

Of the handful of people shown in the video, you get a taste of African prints, French 1960s pop, urban street wear and other outfits that defy classification. One man is living it up with a pinstripe jacket, a yellow-and-blue polka-dot pocket square, stressed red shoes and a gray scarf. Meanwhile, an English teacher tops off his skinny jeans, boots and jacket with a bright blue scarf and a yellow knit cap. These are men who embrace their clothes and aren't afraid to have fun with them.

The best part about the installment, however, is how they talk about their outfits. The teacher cites Brixton's  textile shops as his inspiration, and says he chooses bright colors so that he can feel "bouncier" about the day. For the pinstripe man, dressing well is a matter of respecting yourself. These videos aren't just style guides, they're informal philosophy lessons.

A Very Perry take
What we love about this blog is how eye-opening it can be. Moscow gives a taste of both elegance and punk, while Austinites show off tattoos and motorcycle boots. All you have to do to get your finger on the pulse of a city is look at what the people around you are wearing. You'll soon notice there's a brave, new world out there and plenty to get excited about. Style isn't just about who you are, but where you come from, and we think that's pretty cool.