If you're looking for a style icon who combines the sophistication of menswear with the comfort of casual pieces, look no farther than our Very Perry collaborator Leo Chan. In his blog Levitate Style, this snappy dresser documents his distinct clothing choices from the streets of New York City, mixing styles, materials and patterns with abandon. So how does Chan incorporate some Very Perry style into his wardrobe? Confidently. And you can have that same confidence by taking a few pages out of Chan's style book.

Develop your street style
Social media activity from New York Fashion Week suggests that streetwear is the public test for a man who wants to be recognized for his signature style. Chan's characteristic look leans heavily on his dapper outerwear. From fitted leather jackets to comfortable jersey blazers, Chan's outer layer isn't just a necessity used to stay warm, it's an opportunity to bring something truly unique to his outfit. To incorporate an element of leading man into your own clothing choices, start with a fitted cotton tee or a casual plaid button-up, but make your jacket the focal point of your ensemble. Your favorite jeans or chinos and a pair of ankle boots will finish of the look. In minutes you're ready for a weekend hangout or casual Friday get-together.

Prepare for the formal occasion
When it comes to your formal wear, don't be afraid to be a rebel. Take a cue from Chan and break outdated fashion rules by confidently pairing patterns with prints while mixing mismatched materials. A brightly colored blazer or a suit jacket in a fun pattern will allow you to make a statement and still be appropriately dressed for the occasion. Complete the outfit with a dress shirt in a contrasting color, a pair of grey jeans and some snappy leather footwear. Need to pull out all the stops? A three piece suit doesn't have to be boring. Chan styled his dapper plaid suit with a white dress shirt and a spotted tie, a daring mix of contrasting patterns.

Travel to new heights
On a recent trip to Egypt, Chan demonstrated that you don't have to leave style behind when you hit the road. The dapper gentleman knows how to look good at any time and any place, and that includes when he's living out of a suitcase. For his North African adventure, Chan packed durable khaki pants that are as functional as they are fashionable. He paired the pants with a casual button-up that kept out the desert sand and sun while adding a breezy cool edge to outfit. A lightweight scarf finished off the look. When you're filling your suitcase before a trip, stick with Chan's strategy and go with items that won't wrinkle easily, like jeans, chinos and structured jackets. Throw in a few cotton tees, a pair of rakish boots that you can walk in and your camera and you'll be good to go.