Snow days, mulled wine and festivities aside, there's one other thing we look forward to in the colder months - layering. 'Tis the season to experiment with textures, colors and patterns and make your look pop. Layers can also create a lean and slim silhouette. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. The best things come in threes - sticking to three layers makes it easier for you to choose apparel that blends and drapes well over your body.

  • Start off with slim fit dress shirts and ties. You'll want to wear something breathable and form-fitting for comfort.
  • Next, add a little texture. Throw on a cardigan or sweater, but focus on thin knits that aren't too bulky.
  • Finally, add your outerwear. Think peacoats, wool or bomber jackets. The last layer should suit the weather outside.

2. Make them match, blend and stand alone
Each layer should complement the others. Use different hues in the same palette and add one detail that sticks out - a tie or pocket square - to give your look a little flair. The point of dressing in layers is that you can shed an article of clothing with ease, and look dapper at all times.