Gone are the days when wearing sneakers was reserved solely for playing tennis. Now, you can rock them just about anywhere, from the office to a casual gathering, and even to a date. However, it's important to recognize that each setting has its own style rules to follow. Here's how you can make sure your sneakers look great, regardless of which outfit you wear them with.

With a casual outfit
A casual outfit should be paired with a casual sneaker. Time to bring out those canvas sneakers, which are , versatile enough to pair with a lot of outfits while still looking good in low-key settings. Whether you go with ones with laces or a slip-on canvas sneaker, it will work well with jeans or chinos of all colors. Finish the outfit with a v-neck t-shirt or a short-sleeved polo

When it's date night
A fashionable pair of sneakers are right at home in a date night ensemble. In this case, you'll want to go for something stylish but not too formal, such as a grey lace-up. Wear them with a crisp, dark pair of jeans, an oxford button down shirt and a light blazer, and you've created a look that's perfect for a walk around a museum and dinner afterward. 

Sneakers can be a supporting player or a star. Sneakers can be a supporting player or a star.

Wearing sneakers with a suit
Not every sneaker goes well with a suit - casual fabrics will look too sloppy, and anything bright could detract from the rest of your outfit. Choose a nicer material, such a leather or suede, and stick to black, tan or white so you don't overpower the rest of the outfit. You'll generally want to opt for more streamlined low-top sneakers, that are as neat and tailored as the rest of your ensemble. 

When the sneaker is the star
A bold pair of sneakers can be a statement piece, but you need to craft the right outfit around them. If you're wearing shoes that are bright and likely to attract attention, tone down the rest of the outfit so they can shine through. Pair them with slim-fit grey jeans and a t-shirt or oxford in a neutral color, and let them be the star of the show.