We’re always looking for ways to do the unexpected; to shake up the status quo a bit, and find the exciting in the established. A good example: Happy hour.

But what’s wrong with happy hour as is? you might think. Nothing—it’s prime time for enjoying life with friends and coworkers. But we wanted to make it mean more—to take it outside the bar, keeping the spontaneous spirit but adding new ideas. As part of that, we’re holding a contest: Get happier with us by signing up here and following Perry Ellis on Instagram, and you can win $1000 towards a new spring wardrobe.

The other part is inspiration. We partnered with some of our favorite innovators and Instagrammers to see how they switch up the social hour in their city. It kicked off last week with two writers in New York and Los Angeles—check out their week of happy hours here—and the rest will be all over the web starting today. We’ll be sharing our favorite inspirations on our Instagram using #PEHappyHour.

Here are some of our #PEHappyHour Favorites