Some colors will always make a splash ... this season consider lavender, fresh and invigorating.

Let there be purple
Lavender is a light purple that has come to suggest everything from royalty to decadence to the coming of spring. The color toes the line between stable cool shades and brash, warm colors. Like pink, it's a shade that manages to be both edgy and soothing - calming to look at, but also unexpected in your day-to-day wear. That makes it the perfect tool in your style kit.

Welcome to your wardrobe
Wearing lavender is a whole lot easier than trying to wrap your head around whatever makes it so glorious. It makes its greatest impact in dress shirts. Because it's technically a cool color, your lavender is going to look best paired with neutral or other cool colors. When trying to keep an even keel, complement your lavender shirt with dark gray pants and round out the look with a skinny black tie. This outfit  is simple and direct, and lets the shirt do all the talking. Round out any lavender-based look with a gray cardigan.

Keeping it cool
When you want to mix it up a little more, start tying in cool colors, namely other shades of blue and purple. Navy pants are the perfect pairing to your brighter lavender. Throw on a navy or black sweater vest. Your tie is another great place to play with color. As seen in the picture, a striped cool-color tie that covers the spectrum draws on lavender's versatility by referencing all of its related shades.

Even if you decide to mix up your colors, that gray cardigan will still serve as a good neutral to ground the rest of the outfit. When you're introducing a tie, your best option is to make the dress shirt solid and the tie patterned. Because lavender's already such a bold color, you want to keep your contrasts simple, straightforward, making for a bit of focused fun.