The holidays are upon us - the time of year when celebrating becomes a veritable national sport. Have no fear—there’s a way to keep your style intact at every one of the many parties you’ll be attending (because there’s never just one) without resorting to seasonal missteps that will ultimately sit in your closet for another year.

The Office Party

The thing about office parties is that you’re still around your boss. And maybe his or her boss. And upwards. So dressing neatly, yet stylishly, is in order. Think a solid seasonal sweater (no ugly Santa ones, please), dressed up with key, more-formal-than-usual cues—festive socks, slick wristwear for a golden touch, and of course, your best dress shoes.

The Friend’s Shindig

This is where you get to do "you," but that does not mean jeans and a tee, even if it’s just a casual gift swap. For the party among friends, try out a patterned sweater to make a statement, paired with black jeans to keep it cool. For a gathering with your new SO’s friends, step it up with a sleek monochromatic look: dress shirt, cardigan, and tie, paired with slim fit chinos. And if it’s a real dress-to-impress scenario, try a suit in an unusual pattern, fabric, or print (like navy jacquard, for example) that stands out more than basic black.

The Formal Soiree

With the fancier parties, you can go one of two ways: classic, or contemporary. Classic means an excellently-tailored slim black suit. It never does you wrong and leaves room for a bright tie or other festive accent. Contemporary means color. A sateen suit in muted maroon matches the season perfectly—and will get you major style points. A sleek wool overcoat tops off either with aplomb.