As fans of great style, we always look to customers and fashion influencers all over the country for inspiration. From style stars like Steven Onoja and Denny Balmaceda on the East Coast and Tommy Lei and Dathias Hoang on the West Coast, impeccable style can be found anywhere. Whether you live walking distance from Venice Beach or Times Square, it's safe to say that when it comes to style, Cali does it differently than NYC. So, which coast speaks to you? Here's a breakdown of the fashion cues associated with both.

The Rundown
Great style is appreciated and praised regardless of which coast it's representing, but the differences between the two coasts can't be ignored. Fashion on the East Coast is more prep-inspired, sleek, and opulent. While the West Coast is more on the casual side with bohemian, tropical, and grungy styles. If you're living and working in the East, your go-to look consists of more sharp suits, button-down dress shirts, and ties, but if you're in the West, business casual reigns with more laidback looks full of linen blend jackets and polos.

Put It To Practice
Whether you're experimenting with your look by adding a touch of both coasts or are simply looking for situational cues during your travels, here's a quick example to keep in mind:

A blazer and an unbuttoned shirt make a much better statement when you're grabbing a weekday bite in LA than it does on Wall Street. While a man wearing a slim fit suit in Manhattan looks smart and dapper, in Silicon Valley, the same look suggests he's trying too hard. If you're in need of more bi-coastal inspiration, just take a look at our top East vs. West picks below.

Sleek suit jackets Active jackets
Preppy sweaters Lightweight pullovers
Button-down shirts Casual polos
Slim cords Cool denim
Brogues Sneakers