Doing a total rehaul of your closet? Power to that. But you don't need to overstock it when you start shopping again. Here are the 10 items that can make any man's outfit.

The Oxford Shirt
This is a no-brainer. The white button-up is America's favorite shirt—casual or formal, it can be whatever you style it with. Make sure yours fits slim (but not tight) when completely buttoned.

Perfect-Fit Pants
Chinos make good middle ground here—not as formal as black dress pants, but not too casual. Tan goes with almost everything, but gray is a good choice, too. Again, fit is everything—make sure they're fitted enough in the calves so you're not flapping when you walk.

Slim dark denim
Again, the key is fit (noticing a pattern here?). Avoid the dad jeans look with something straight or slim, and go for darker washes—they can be dressed up when you need to, and won't look too collegiate.

The Classic White Tee
There's only two requirements: Crisp, and white. Crew or v-neck is a personal preference, but most argue for crew—easier to style.

This is the foundation of a great wardrobe.This is the foundation of a great wardrobe.

The Right Jacket
Two kinds of toppers: The seamless suit jacket, or something blazer-style, depending on your style. Either are excellent and will work with most any shirt or pant.

Lace-up Dress Shoes
Comfortable and classy. Plus, they're simply more versatile than loafers. Does your wardrobe need to be more formal? Go black. For the casual guy, brown is best.

The Sharp Sweater
While we love patterns, you want your singular sweater to be able to go over any of your shirts. Go for solid, dark hues, nothing wild. Again, crew vs v-neck is up to you.

White Sneakers
A staple of American style, they make every off-duty outfit just a little more fresh. The modern version is leather, crisp and less skater-boy. Good for work or play.

The Casual Cool Coat
You can go two routes here: The bad-guy go-to, a leather jacket, warm and cool at once. Or a non-leather bomber, a trend-proof style that always fits well.