Cuff Links and Tie Bars

15 Products
  • Starburst Cufflink, Navy, hi-res
  • Silver Striped Tie Bar, Silver, hi-res
  • Soft Ice Cream Cufflink, Gunmetal, hi-res
  • Collar Stay Case, Black, hi-res
  • Airplane Cufflinks, Silver, hi-res
  • Diagonal Stripe Cufflink and Tie bar Set, Gm, hi-res
  • Nautical Cufflinks, Silver, hi-res
  • Gunmetal Tie Bar, Gunmetal, hi-res
  • Half Diamond Tie Bar, Gunmetal, hi-res
  • Blue Rectangle Cufflink and Tie Bar Set, Blue, hi-res
  • Ratio Cufflink and Tie Bar Set, Black, hi-res
  • Cat Eye Cufflinks, Grey, hi-res
  • Rounded Matte Tie Bar, Silver, hi-res
  • Textured Dome Cufflink and Tie Bar Set, Black, hi-res
  • Classic Cufflink and Tie Bar Set, Gold, hi-res

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Our cufflinks are available in classic, modern and novelty styles, allowing you to choose what's right for the occasion. Great for the office, weddings and formal dinners, these cufflinks are a key accessory, ensuring you stay free from distraction as they secure the cuffs of your dress shirt.

You can also enhance your ensemble with a tie bar in the color of your choice. Great for when you're on the go, these products keep your tie fastened to the placket of your shirt, preventing your tie from swinging. For all-in-one convenience, we offer tie bar and cufflink sets.

Find the accessories you need to complete your look and order your cufflinks and tie bar today.