Never underestimate the power of a good cologne.

The right scent can impress, intrigue, allure or even entice. It's complex, like you - and it constantly evolves with time, reacting to your unique skin properties. Perry Ellis Cobalt is certainly no basic aroma. With zesty Italian bergamot and mandarin orange in the top notes, earthy herbs in the heart notes and refined cognac wood as well as white musk in the base notes, it's a well-rounded scent that shows you're not just a one-dimensional guy.

So it makes sense that Homme Essential would choose to feature Cobalt as the perfect summer cologne.

A rave review
"Fresh top notes of ginger and citrus give way to spicier sage and Mediterranean fig, which in turn reveal musky amber and sandalwood," the piece reads. "Layered and lasting, this scent will take you from happy hour with the guys to dinner with your girl with no need for reapplying."

In other words, this is one summer accessory that goes with everything. Spray it on while you're sporting a v-neck tee, shorts and sandals at a seaside clam bake, with linen pants and a lavender button-down to that trendy new lounge, dark denim and a polo while you're running errands or a slim fit suit as you circulate that networking event. Regardless of the occasion or your attire, you're bound to make a lasting impression.

Scent smarts
Before you mist Cobalt, though, keep these facts about men's fragrances in mind.

  • It takes 30 minutes for the base notes to emerge, according to The Daily Mail. While the top notes in Perry Ellis Cobalt will be detectable right away, those aromas need to evaporate to give way to the heart and soul of the scent.
  • If you want to extend the life of a cologne, store it in the fridge. Light and heat can also impact a fragrance, so to prolong its aroma, keep it in a cool, dark place.
  • Wondering where to spritz? Consider the bicep as well as any pulse points, such as the collarbone and wrists. The Daily Mail noted that any areas that are warmer or where blood is closer to the skin's surface are best.
  • A pleasant smelling cologne might make you more attractive. According to AskMen, research by Oxford University found that when women were asked to rate the appearance of men based on their headshots, they rated them as most attractive when they judged their looks in the presence of a pleasing scent.